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Engage in a dynamic creative activity celebrating Latine Heritage through creativity and cultural affirmation. Explore the vibrant world of Latine culture through collage, incorporating iconic elements such as lowriders, plants, and traditional arts like embroidery. Foster artistic expression while deepening cultural understanding in a hands-on, visually rich experience.

Stephanie Mercado East los luv coloring sheet 1_V3_ELA general_750x590px_wb

Co-create culture and enjoy a moment to yourself by downloading, coloring, and sharing your story through the East Los Luv coloring sheets.

There are many ways you can participate and join the discussion about what makes East Los Angeles special. 

Each sheet has a blank space where you can add your own drawing, text, or photo. 



  • Download and print coloring sheet.
    Color  the image your way.
  • Add a drawing, photo, or your name in the frame.
    The photo or drawing can be a family photo, a self portrait, someone you want   to honor, your favorite food, a word that you feel defines East Los Angeles, etc.
  • Extend the drawing in the blank area or add collaged elements.
  • Email or send your completed work to [email protected], send through social media @eastlosluv,  or upload the file on this Google Form. 


We encourage you to share this project with anyone interested in participating or learning about art and culture in the heart of East L.A. Download the East Los Luv trifold that includes a short  overview of the project and a coloring sheet on the reverse side. 


Coloring books were once hand-printed using relief printing and copper-plates? They were produced in the 1600’s to help people learn to paint and as a non-verbal form of communicating ideas. Today we use coloring sheets as learning activities and as a form of therapy. East Los Luv is using coloring sheets to Co-Create culture, share ideas, and engage communities. Stay tuned for future releases of coloring sheets.

*Content may be downloaded for educational and personal use. Reproduction for commercial use may be granted with the written permission of the artist.

*Select coloring sheets, photos, and anecdotes submitted to East Los Luv may be chosen to be featured on the website and through social media platforms.


Celebrating Grandparents, Family, and Home

Stephanie Mercado East Los Luv Coloring Sheet Grandparents

What are your grandparents’ legacy? Did they help create the community where you live? Color the activity sheet and add portraits of your grandparents, parents, family members, friends, or pets. you can print out their photo and collage their image within the frame, or you can draw their portrait and color them in. You can also write words in the frames describing how you feel about your home and family. Once you have completed the activity email it to [email protected]


What does your car's paint job look like?

Stephanie Mercado East Los Luv Car Coloring Sheet

Personalize this classic car and add symbols that represent you. Do you like bright colors, dark colors, flowers or skulls? Then add a picture or drawing of your favorite place in the background – or draw your name in big bold letters. Once you have completed the activity email it to [email protected]


What is your favorite food?

Stephanie Mercado Food Coloring Sheet

Color in the cross stitch table cloth then draw, collage or write about your favorite food in the center of the plate.  What reminds you of your home or family? Once you have completed the activity email it to [email protected]


Honoring people through portraiture.

East Los Luv Coloring Sheet Portraits

Color the activity sheet with your favorite colors and add a portrait of someone you want to honor. You can also create a self-portrait in the frame. You can draw the portrait, or paste a photo in the frame. Once you have completed the activity email it to [email protected]


Frida Kahlo Portrait.

Color the activity sheets with your favorite colors. Cut out the pieces and arrange them around the portrait of Frida. Glue them to a sheet of paper or without a background to get a shaped artwork. Personalize the portrait by adding your own photos, drawings, or text.  Once you have completed the activity email it to [email protected]


East Los Angeles Essential Worker

Stephanie Mercado Doctor Essential Worker Coloring Sheet

Doctor Diana with Child, East Los Angeles Medical Provider Coloring Sheet

This coloring sheet adapts the portrait of Doctor Diana, a Family Care Physician in East Los Angeles. This portrait is from a series of seven images paying tribute to LA’s diverse workforce—especially those disproportionately affected by the pandemic—the collection highlights the ways in which community sustains us during crises and is essential to creating a more just and humane society. The current pandemic heightened the inequities and digital divide in East Los Angeles and low- income communities globally. Doctor Diana made a commitment while in medical school to help her community of East Los Angeles. She is the mother of a toddler and was expecting a child during the pandemic. She was treating patients in a medical clinic in East Los Angeles, managing appointments and treatment, working long hours, and finding ways to help people heal and protect her family and staff from exposure to the Covid-19 virus. Together, she and the nurses at the East LA medical clinic have selflessly served the communities of East Los Angeles through medical care and emotional support. The portraits were exhibited at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles in 2021.

Color the portrait of Doctor Diana  with your favorite colors. Personalize the portrait by adding your own photos, drawings, or text.  Once you have completed the activity email it to [email protected]

Do you know essential workers you would like to see honored through a portrait? Send your photos. 


Ana Rodriguez Cactus Painting

east los luv ana rodriguez cactus painting coloring sheet

Ana Rodriguez South East Los Angeles High School Teacher and Artist's Coloring Activity

This coloring sheet adapts one of Ana Rodriguez paintings into a coloring activity. Ana Rodriguez is a South East Los Angeles High School Teacher and Artist who grew up in Maywood and currently teaches in Huntington Park. Ana was featured in the Essential Workers Portrait Series on exhibit at the Skirball Cultural Center. Ana is an abstract painter and lover of metal music, and she is passionate about teaching. The pandemic forced her school to a virtual format and she witnessed first-hand how the quarantine and lack of social interaction was affecting her students. She made it her mission to be available around the clock for her students and their parents, encouraging them to make their physical and mental health a priority, above everything else. She believes the emotional support provided to youth and parents is more important in times of crisis, than homework assignments and grades.

Color the still life with your favorite colors. Personalize the coloring sheet by adding your own photos, drawings, or text.  Once you have completed the activity email it to [email protected]

Do you know essential workers or artists you would like to see honored through a portrait? Send us their photos. 


Día de los Muertos Ofrenda Coloring and Collage Activity

Directions: Color in the pieces and cut them out. Add photos of loved ones, notable people, or social issues you would like to honor in the frames. Glue your pieces onto a sheet a paper or onto a box to make a three-dimensional altar. Share images of your work with East Los Luv by using #Eastlosluv on social or through email [email protected]

Pro-tip: Print more than one copy for extra pieces or print on card stock or watercolor paper to use paint or watercolor. 

Once you have completed the activity email it to [email protected]


For teachers and teaching artists.

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