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East Los Luv mural strives to be inclusive by engaging members of the East Los Angeles community and beyond. As an Angeleno, I recognize that people commute from one section of the city to another, move around, and live in a different city or country with family ties and roots in East Los Angeles. The Community Engagement process held many opportunities for the public to participate, including: 

  • Co-Create Artist-led Workshops 
  • Collaborative themed coloring sheets made available at workshops, partner locations, and online. To download coloring sheets visit our resources web page. 
  • Open calls for submissions through social media channels and website. 
  • Participants submitted family photos, completed coloring sheets, and stories via email: [email protected]  and social accounts @eastlosluv.

*Content may be downloaded for educational and personal use. Reproduction for commercial use may be granted with the written permission of the artist.

*Select coloring sheets, photos, and anecdotes submitted to East Los Luv may be chosen to be featured on the website and through social media platforms.

The goal of the mural is to reflect the voices, diversity, and cultural contributions of the community. Once the artist gathered photos and stories, she converted them to illustrated portraits and hand carved stamps. The stamps were printed on multicolored papers. She collaged the diverse images together to form the design that will enliven the facade of the building. 

Do you have questions about the process? Email the artist at [email protected]

Deadline to submit photos was December 31, 2021.